Advent and Sirach 18

Sirach 18 so happens to be the first lesson for the Morning Prayer according to the 2019 lectionary. It is a reading from the Apocrypha and there is always plenty of good examples of Christian life to be learnt, just like how Article 6 of The Thirty-nine Articles of Religion defines how the Apocrypha should be rightly used. You can check out the Sirach 18 passage here.

It opens by extolling God before moving on to the subject of humanity. There is God’s grace and mercy to humans even when He disciplines (verses 11 to 14). The rest of the chapter is advice on how to conduct one’s self. In verses 19 to 26, it talks about sin, judgment and death. God’s grace and mercy taken together with our sin, death and judgment are things which Christians should bear in mind particularly during this Advent season as we think of Jesus’ first coming and prepare for the second.

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